Tips for your BIG DAY

With a busy wedding season ahead of us we  have decided to pull together a list of advice that we are offering our clients to remember for their special day:

  • Remember to EAT. This is huge. A lot of couples are so busy rushing through their day they forget to enjoy it. You picked the food. You are paying for the food. Eat the food.
  • Drink – many brides & grooms forgo drinking because they have to talk to people or are worried that they will spill it on their dress. Ask our bartenders to make you a light colored or clear drink and even light pour drink. It is your special day – enjoy it!
  • Designate someone to keep an eye out and hold your phones, purse/valuables.
  • Trust your photographers. Don’t spend hours doing formal positioned photos. Sometimes the best photos are the candid ones because the feelings are true and in the moment. Great photographers will see that and snap it. Our highly recommended local talent: AMV, Serena Swan & Reed Photography.
  • Make guests comfortable-since alcohol is dehydrating have plenty of non-alcoholic beverages available, maybe a water station, punch or some fun mocktail for the designated drivers. We want to make sure everyone gets home safe but still enjoys the evening!
  • Print wedding program on a fan so guests can cool themselves. Lots of people sitting close together can get warm. If your ceremony is outside – this works especially well.
  • Remember to tell your hair stylist if you are having an outdoor wedding so that your hair stylist can create a style appropriate if it is windy, something easy to maintain/touch up after the ceremony.
  • Don’t worry that all the details are in place – or have someone else do it. You’ve prepared for the day, proper preparation leads to great execution. So trust yourself and on the day and trust us.
  • Bring flats! Or at least remember to break in your high heels.
  • No one is going to notice that that shade of pink doesn’t quite match that other shade of pink. Don’t stress over unimportant details.
  • Don’t Care what people think. This advice stems from asking, “if you could go back and do it all again, what would you have done differently?” The answer unanimously was: care less about what others wanted or thought of the wedding.
  • Consider rearranging the order of events at your wedding. If you are not superstitious and don’t mind seeing each other before the ceremony – do your formal wedding photos (family & bridal party) before the ceremony – then you can go right into dinner and dancing! Nobody is waiting around for too long and less travelling in the middle of the day (usually when its hottest).
  • Have a Rain Contingency Plan – indoor ceremony, umbrellas, etc.
  • Did we say eat? EAT. Seriously.

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